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Saint Margaret that’s my name a female woman of God with a touch of clemency. Jamaican by birth entrepreneur since 1998 a multipurpose business with a mixture of items to suit your needs in one-stop. Resides in London England, a wife, mother of 3 birth daughters but mothered many sons and daughters of different age groups back home who needed my help. Also a grandmother of a 3yrs old girl, Saint Margaret loved and show respect to all she came across no matter background, age, race and many likewise to her because of her many attributes, she is a sister, aunt, and a friend indeed. She is the owner and formulator of all products shown on the website with 3 sites for calls operation so please feel free to shop with me I would be most grateful. ( 1 ) UK – admin office and packaging plant pH: 07539015592 WhatsApp. ( 2 ) u.s.a – admin office pH: 016306187425 WhatsApp. ( 3 ) Jamaica – admin office angri fields, in the hot sunshine Caribbean island of ja. pH: 01876-. Our reputation is built on the legendary quality and royal flavors found in our products labeled lady Saint Margaret mommy,s kitchen we have a passion for doing what we do best, consistent goodness is not an accident it requires great people and a great culture. Lady Saint is confident you won’t find a better taste of her mommy,s products. 

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